Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Picture of the Day

Had some time and found an opportunity to take some pictures today. I couldn't pass off sharing this photo. I deactivated my FB yesterday because I needed some time away from the social network. I wanted to share this photo so badly but I didn't want to re-activiate my FB account in order to share it. Then it suddenly struck, I have a blog, I almost forgotten about. ^_^

She's a Shoonoodle
(half schnauzer/ half poodle)
& we (family) love her.
She the cutest-darnest thing we ever have.

Friday, November 11, 2011

59 Seconds (clothes line)

I love winter. Purely because I absolutely love the cold. But I have come fond of the autumn weather as well. It's chilly. I'm pretty darn happy about it too because I have some very cute coats/jackets I've been waiting to wear again.

Funny fact.

I've been looking around online for clothes that are for the chilly season (not to buy anything, just looking) and I have found myself so gravitated to grey & black lately. It's funny because I don't really own anything (shirt wise) black. Black just seems like the perfect color to wear for the cold season. Of all colors, I am now just loving the darker color.

I browsed on yesstyle.com and have found clothes I'd really REALLY LOVE to have in my closet. But b/c of budget problems, I'm just going to have to look at them, imagine myself wearing them, and be satisfied.

I love the slouchy non-revealing look.
It's revealing around the shoulder but I think it's adds a nice touch to the outfit.
I absolutely love that.

Two very simple tops.

Even though this is a dress shirt? I'd wear leggins with these tops.
If you couldn't tell already, the two are different but have very similar design.

The bear studded sweater & the batwing sleeve hooded top would be something fun to have in my closet.

Something fun to wear on lazy days.

There are more I'd love to post but I think I'll stop here. A little tired and a little sleepy. ^_^ Ending the day with a blog. Until next time. ^_^