Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Currently interested in this new K-pop group: X-5

X-5 : Dangerous

I'm still trying to figure out who is who... -_-

So far I've gathered...

- the one with the peach coat is the leader & his name is Ghun.

-the one with the orange hair (00:06 & 00:19) is Taefung
(he reminds me of Leeteuk from K-pop group Super Junior)

-this guy (00:32) with the incredibly gorgeous eyes
(his face remind me of a girl, he has really feminine features or maybe it's the make-up) is Haewon

- the last two...oh gawd Sulhu & Zin are the only two I can't seem to distinguish...
(00:04) I believe is Sulhu & (00:05) is Zin.......It could be vise-versa....-_-

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Affordable Eye-wear (Zenni Optical)

I want to share you this great website where you can purchase your glasses under $100....50......20 dollars.

I didn't really come across this website on my own, my sister actually told me about them a couple of years back. I purchased from their site ( when they weren't well known yet. I purchased 2 glasses and I got them within a week. I had these glasses for a good 2-3 years, until my dog got ahold of them and started chewing them up!

So I went back to the website and boy did they really upgrade their site. Everything is so different from what I remembered it to be but I'm glad they are doing so well. The site is build to make affordable & light weight glass, so no headaches, yay! They have all sorts of design. There are funky, sophisicated, cute, pretty, glasses and their website is pretty easy to navigate around.

The website really stress on your PD (pupil distance) in order to give you the right fitting eye-wear. Which can easily be done by yourself with a centimeter ruler.

My eyeglass arrived yesterday (12/3/11). I wanted to share this because I actually like the eye-wear a lot more then I thought I would.

My pupil distance (PD) is 63 and my vision is -2.00 on both eyes.

This is the glass I bought.
The glass cost 9.95.
I added anti-reflection coating ($4.95)
& with standard shipping (another $4.95),
I paid a total of $19.85...
The glass came in a sturdy plastic case with an eye ruler, and a nice glass cleaning cloth.

I have said pretty much all I wanted to say about the website ( They sell affordable, light weight eyeglasses. The eyeglass itself, I feel, is pretty sturdy. My other two eyeglasses have been with me for a long time, if my dog didn't get a hold of them, I'd still be using them right now. But it's okay, if she didn't, I wouldn't be blogging about it now. I do recommend this site but if you're one of those people who look for high end trendy glasses, this may not be for you. But if you just want eyeglass that serve purpose with out tearing up your wallet or giving you headaches. This will be for you. The only cons I can say about it is, it takes a while to arrive. I ordered this eyeglass in November 16, took 3 weeks for arrival; December 3, 2011.

If you're the few who are skeptical about buying things online and don't know if what you see will look good on you. No worries! You can try the glasses on yourself virtually. That's the great part about this website. When you make an account, upload a picture of yourself on the right side bar that says "Zenni Opitcal Frame" & input your PD

I'm just going to quickly show you how this works. I chose this picture for the frame fitting in my account...

You can see I uploaded the picture.
Lets say I want to try on this eye-wear
click "try on"....
& there you have it,
it's on. Haha

I had a lot of fun using this but in the end

I chose this...

& I couldn't be any more satified. I like it!
I love the design.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Picture of the Day

Had some time and found an opportunity to take some pictures today. I couldn't pass off sharing this photo. I deactivated my FB yesterday because I needed some time away from the social network. I wanted to share this photo so badly but I didn't want to re-activiate my FB account in order to share it. Then it suddenly struck, I have a blog, I almost forgotten about. ^_^

She's a Shoonoodle
(half schnauzer/ half poodle)
& we (family) love her.
She the cutest-darnest thing we ever have.

Friday, November 11, 2011

59 Seconds (clothes line)

I love winter. Purely because I absolutely love the cold. But I have come fond of the autumn weather as well. It's chilly. I'm pretty darn happy about it too because I have some very cute coats/jackets I've been waiting to wear again.

Funny fact.

I've been looking around online for clothes that are for the chilly season (not to buy anything, just looking) and I have found myself so gravitated to grey & black lately. It's funny because I don't really own anything (shirt wise) black. Black just seems like the perfect color to wear for the cold season. Of all colors, I am now just loving the darker color.

I browsed on and have found clothes I'd really REALLY LOVE to have in my closet. But b/c of budget problems, I'm just going to have to look at them, imagine myself wearing them, and be satisfied.

I love the slouchy non-revealing look.
It's revealing around the shoulder but I think it's adds a nice touch to the outfit.
I absolutely love that.

Two very simple tops.

Even though this is a dress shirt? I'd wear leggins with these tops.
If you couldn't tell already, the two are different but have very similar design.

The bear studded sweater & the batwing sleeve hooded top would be something fun to have in my closet.

Something fun to wear on lazy days.

There are more I'd love to post but I think I'll stop here. A little tired and a little sleepy. ^_^ Ending the day with a blog. Until next time. ^_^

Monday, October 31, 2011

Mother of Pearls

I really wanted to make a good review of this but I'm afraid I cannot.

This is probably the worse product I bought for my skin.

First 2 days I used it, I had no problem. I thought it was doing fine for my skin. I'd wash and apply mother of pearls morning and night. But I have noticed, my skin would feel rather itchy toward the end of the day. After I washed my face, I'd see fine lines under my eyes, wrinkles. That has never happened to me before. I kept using it, thinking it'll probably get better. But it didn't and here I am...talking about it...

It has broken my skin out and made me feel itchy in the process. The surface of my skin is not smooth like how it was before I started using this product. I woke up this morning with the worse bags under my eyes. The bags were so huge and puffy. My skin felt so bad. I immediately washed my face with warm/cool water, put two spoons in the freezer for 3 min.. I took it out then laid each spoon under my eye. I did this in order to reduce the puffiness of my eyes. It was the worse I've ever seen my eyes. I looked so old and tired, it freaked me out. I took oatmeal and lathered the liquid oatmeal all over my face. I waited 5 min. washed it off, took out my witch hazel, applied it all over my face and then finished it off with vitamin E. My skin still feels itchy but it feels relief. This product was defiantly a no-no for me. It's such a waste. I spent $4 and barely used it. I will probably use this for my body rather then my face. This product is too harsh for my face. Or I might return it and try to get my hands on tea tree oil. ^_^

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Blog Challenge

I wanted to blog today but I didn't know what. So I looked around for "blog challenges". I found this challenge, "Don't Be Afraid To Be Yourself". Next time, I'll post a pictorial blog challenge. Only b/c I'm more of an imagery person and prefer reading that type of blog. A blogger, I am currently following, is in the mist of doing one, and her photos look great. But the challenges didn't quite suit my taste. So, hopefully I can find one I'm willing to do. Other then that, learn a little more about me. Not that I haven't already poured my heart and soul into this blog.^_^

Don't Be Afraid To Be Yourself.

Reblog and cross out what applies to you.

I’m loud.
I’m sarcastic.
I cry easily.
I have a bad temper.
I’m easy to get along with.
I have more enemies than friends.
I’ve smoked
I drink coffee.
I clean my room daily.

My appearance:

I wear make-up.
I wear a piece of jewelry at all times.
I wear contacts.
I wear glasses.
I have braces.
I change my hair color often.
I have a piercing.
I have small feet.


I’m in a relationship now.
I’m single.
I’m crushin’.
I’ve missed an ex before.
I’m always scared of being hurt.
I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did.
I’ve been in love more than two times.
I believe in love at first sight.


I have a best friend.
I have at least ten REAL friends.
I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend.
I’ve beaten up a friend.
I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend.
I can trust at least five people with my life.


I’ve been on a plane.
I’ve taken a taxi.
I’ve taken a city bus.
I’ve taken a school bus.
I’ve made a speech.
I’ve been in some sort of club.


I listen to R&B.
I listen to pop.
I listen to techno.
I listen to rock.
I’m one of those people who play songs repeatedly until I hate it.
I download music.
I buy CD’s.

Family Life:

I get along with both of my parents for the most part.
My biological parents are still together.
I have at least one brother.
I’ve been kicked out of the house.
I’ve sworn at my parents.
I’ve made my parents cry.
I’ve lied to my parents. (white lies...nothing big...)

I’ve lied to my parents about where I am.
I’ve lied to my parents about what I’m doing.


I’ve had streaks.
I’ve cut my hair in the past year.

I’ve dyed my hair in the past year.
I’ve been blonde.
I’ve had black.
I’ve been red.
I use conditioner.
I’ve curled my hair.
I’ve straightened my hair.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sticky Residue No Mo

I always have this guilty feeling when I throw away objects, I know, I could put to other use.
I personally love having candles lit in my room.
I have so many empty candle bottles, I finally figured out what I could use them for.
As everyone one is aware, anything with stickers usually would either
1. leave sticky residue or
2. leave no residue at all.

Today I had the sticky-residue I took out my peanut butter

and spread the peanut butter all over the sticky residue.
Peanut butter gets rid of sticky residue?

Yes. Yes it does!
I actually came across this technique by accident, and I tested it out myself.
It works. The only problem is, I had to wait and let the peanut butter work its magic.
While I waited, I took some colorful strips I had stored away

and made stars....

when 15-30 minute passed...
(I believe you can wait less then that..5-10 min. max?)
I rubbed the peanut butter around the bottle with a paper towel before I washed it.
When I felt that the sticky residue was no longer on the surface of the bottle.
I washed it

This is how clear/clean it came out. No more sticky residue!

I took all the stars I folded...

and filled it up!

A bottle of pretty colorful stars.
Now to find someone to give it to. ^_^

This is video is irrelevant but I really love the chemistry between these two. ^_^

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Silver/White highlights

I have wanted silver/white highlights for a long time.

So, I gave myself silver/white highlights

lol, I think it turned out pretty cool.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Too Early to Settle

My Facebook has been flooding with "R.I.P Steve Jobs".

So, R.I.P Steve Jobs.

"If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on."- Steve Jobs

These words, this sentence, definitely has some affect on me right now. I am currently having a battle with myself on my career choice.

*sigh* So cross fingers & hope that my future will turn out exactly how I see it in my head.

A really cool video of a guy who build his home from nothing to something.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Short Rant: Overly-Sensitive or Brutally-honest?

[ Short Rant has been deleted. ^_^ Enjoy the music though.]

Strong beats, I love it., wish it was LONGER! Because it's just an intro, they made it short

MBLAQ - 4 Ya' Stereo Intro

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm a banana.

Today I had a sudden curiosity about my body.

More specifically...

What body type I have.

So I did a little searching.

and I found this "Body Type Calculator"

It calculated that I'm a banana. ^_^
It's good to know.

I think I'll fit Korean clothes very well.

My legs are skinny as these girls in the video. ^_^

So what body type are you?

I went under the knife. Does that make me fake?

I went under the knife. Does that make me fake? I think this question has bothered me for awhile now. Ever since a friend said I had plastic surgery. For some reason, I took offense to that. I guess it's human nature to automatically think, when one hears "plastic" the first thought that comes to mind is "Oh, they fixed themselves up to look pretty." No one ever thinks, "Oh, s/he went under the knife for a medical reason" So I guess that's why it bothered me because that's the first thought I have when I heard "plastic." So does that make me plastic? In my mind I want to say no, but in reality the answer would be yes. In medical term, plastic means cosmetic repair and unfortunately I did get my jaw fixed but not for cosmetic reasons.

It was more of a medical condition

Because it was a medical condition, my parents did not have to pull any money out of their pocket for my surgery.

I was on medicaid.

When I had my surgery done, I was still eligible for medicaid. Usually, medicaid cuts off when one turns 18. But I was 19 and still needed things done to my mouth. So I stayed on medicaid a little longer then intended.

I had no intentions of going in the surgery for cosmetic reasons. Over the years, my lower jaw proceeded to grow out-ward. My doctor told me it would cause future problems. Headaches will occur now and then (that happen), cramping of jaw, pain, jaw locking in place, hearing my jaw clicking when chewing (that actually happens often), unable to chew correctly. All sort of problems.

Therefore, I decided to take on this 6 year journey to get my teeth placed correctly. September 13, 2004 was when my journey began. March 8, 2011 was when it ended. So approximately 6 to 7 years on braces. I nearly forgotten how my teeth felt without braces.

So I was a pretty darn excited when I finally had them off.

If I was told to get surgery for cosmetic reason at the age of 14, I would've most likely never agree to do it. But because it was going to fix future health issues, I understood and agreed to do it. At a young age, I honestly did not understand why anyone would try to fix themselves when in my eyes, they looked perfectly normal. Up until today, to some extent, I can understand why one would go under the knife, I guess being expose to such an environment has done that to me.

To conclude this, yes, I am fake, but not the reason you may think I did it for.

Baby me (age 3?) and current me (July, 2011)

I look the same. No?

I am one of the unfortunate few Asians who does not have a nose bridge. My mom has told me countless time to get my nose done. I always playfully say no to her (I like my little nose though) but I have actually started considering it. It's almost scary to me that I'm actually even letting it get to me. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to see.

Until next time.

The End. ^_^

Asymmetry (Oral Surgery- continue)

I had stated earlier in my "Oral (under-bite jaw) Surgery" blog that after the swelling came down from the surgery, I noticed an asymmetry.

I want to show the asymmetry part & the results of having the left side of the jaw screwed in while the right side is just...



WARNING! Going further into this blog, it gets pretty gross because I'm going to take you inside my mouth! Just FYI!

So stop reading if you think you can't handle it!

This is all me and I'm going to be 100% real about it. ^_^

These pictures are pretty old?

They were taken a while back when my skin broke out like crazy.

It's disturbing to look back,

but I'm glad I took them.

Because now...

I'm glowing

That's right, I'm GLOWING. lol.

Major skin transformation.

My secret?

A LOT of sun time and outrageous sweating.

My skin just secreted all the nasty stuff under my skin.

*Note: I did not wear any make-up there. No amount of make-up could cover up any of that mess I had before. I was so afraid of make-up clogging my pores, I did not, DID NOT, wear any sort of make-up. I was so scared. I needed my skin to heal but I didn't know how.

I would like to thank Mrs. Levels, Montessori teacher, whom exposed me to a lot of outdoors activities. Being under the sun did wonders for my skin, and I can't thank her enough for letting me work beside her. Thank you so much Mrs. Levels. ^_^

She also introduced me to this pure soap called Black soap,

I used this to clean my face and it has helped clear up my skin.

Black soap incrediants: pure honey, Shea butter, Osun (carmwood), cocoa pod powder, plantain peel powder, palm kernel oil, cocnut oil, water, and aloe vera.

All natural goodies. ^_^

I could blab on more about this soap, but I'll let the photos do the talking. ^_^

*on top with being exposed to the sun & sweating a lot of course*

I love before and after pictures. They're fun to look at.


Back to the topic...

my asymmetry


Notice a difference?

Now, the "smile version"


It's defiantly much more noticeable when I smile.

From the distance, it's not very noticeable

Closer look...

you can see a slight asymmetry going there....


& you can defiantly tell the asymmetry is there.

Now...into my mouth we go...

Because my left jaw is screwed in...

when I open my mouth

it slightly slants to the left ...



and my mouth just moves further to the left.

So yeah...


That's it. ^_^

Pretty interesting stuff. ^_^

The End. ^_^