Sunday, December 4, 2011

Affordable Eye-wear (Zenni Optical)

I want to share you this great website where you can purchase your glasses under $100....50......20 dollars.

I didn't really come across this website on my own, my sister actually told me about them a couple of years back. I purchased from their site ( when they weren't well known yet. I purchased 2 glasses and I got them within a week. I had these glasses for a good 2-3 years, until my dog got ahold of them and started chewing them up!

So I went back to the website and boy did they really upgrade their site. Everything is so different from what I remembered it to be but I'm glad they are doing so well. The site is build to make affordable & light weight glass, so no headaches, yay! They have all sorts of design. There are funky, sophisicated, cute, pretty, glasses and their website is pretty easy to navigate around.

The website really stress on your PD (pupil distance) in order to give you the right fitting eye-wear. Which can easily be done by yourself with a centimeter ruler.

My eyeglass arrived yesterday (12/3/11). I wanted to share this because I actually like the eye-wear a lot more then I thought I would.

My pupil distance (PD) is 63 and my vision is -2.00 on both eyes.

This is the glass I bought.
The glass cost 9.95.
I added anti-reflection coating ($4.95)
& with standard shipping (another $4.95),
I paid a total of $19.85...
The glass came in a sturdy plastic case with an eye ruler, and a nice glass cleaning cloth.

I have said pretty much all I wanted to say about the website ( They sell affordable, light weight eyeglasses. The eyeglass itself, I feel, is pretty sturdy. My other two eyeglasses have been with me for a long time, if my dog didn't get a hold of them, I'd still be using them right now. But it's okay, if she didn't, I wouldn't be blogging about it now. I do recommend this site but if you're one of those people who look for high end trendy glasses, this may not be for you. But if you just want eyeglass that serve purpose with out tearing up your wallet or giving you headaches. This will be for you. The only cons I can say about it is, it takes a while to arrive. I ordered this eyeglass in November 16, took 3 weeks for arrival; December 3, 2011.

If you're the few who are skeptical about buying things online and don't know if what you see will look good on you. No worries! You can try the glasses on yourself virtually. That's the great part about this website. When you make an account, upload a picture of yourself on the right side bar that says "Zenni Opitcal Frame" & input your PD

I'm just going to quickly show you how this works. I chose this picture for the frame fitting in my account...

You can see I uploaded the picture.
Lets say I want to try on this eye-wear
click "try on"....
& there you have it,
it's on. Haha

I had a lot of fun using this but in the end

I chose this...

& I couldn't be any more satified. I like it!
I love the design.

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