Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Currently interested in this new K-pop group: X-5

X-5 : Dangerous

I'm still trying to figure out who is who... -_-

So far I've gathered...

- the one with the peach coat is the leader & his name is Ghun.

-the one with the orange hair (00:06 & 00:19) is Taefung
(he reminds me of Leeteuk from K-pop group Super Junior)

-this guy (00:32) with the incredibly gorgeous eyes
(his face remind me of a girl, he has really feminine features or maybe it's the make-up) is Haewon

- the last two...oh gawd Sulhu & Zin are the only two I can't seem to distinguish...
(00:04) I believe is Sulhu & (00:05) is Zin.......It could be vise-versa....-_-

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