Monday, October 31, 2011

Mother of Pearls

I really wanted to make a good review of this but I'm afraid I cannot.

This is probably the worse product I bought for my skin.

First 2 days I used it, I had no problem. I thought it was doing fine for my skin. I'd wash and apply mother of pearls morning and night. But I have noticed, my skin would feel rather itchy toward the end of the day. After I washed my face, I'd see fine lines under my eyes, wrinkles. That has never happened to me before. I kept using it, thinking it'll probably get better. But it didn't and here I am...talking about it...

It has broken my skin out and made me feel itchy in the process. The surface of my skin is not smooth like how it was before I started using this product. I woke up this morning with the worse bags under my eyes. The bags were so huge and puffy. My skin felt so bad. I immediately washed my face with warm/cool water, put two spoons in the freezer for 3 min.. I took it out then laid each spoon under my eye. I did this in order to reduce the puffiness of my eyes. It was the worse I've ever seen my eyes. I looked so old and tired, it freaked me out. I took oatmeal and lathered the liquid oatmeal all over my face. I waited 5 min. washed it off, took out my witch hazel, applied it all over my face and then finished it off with vitamin E. My skin still feels itchy but it feels relief. This product was defiantly a no-no for me. It's such a waste. I spent $4 and barely used it. I will probably use this for my body rather then my face. This product is too harsh for my face. Or I might return it and try to get my hands on tea tree oil. ^_^

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