Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sticky Residue No Mo

I always have this guilty feeling when I throw away objects, I know, I could put to other use.
I personally love having candles lit in my room.
I have so many empty candle bottles, I finally figured out what I could use them for.
As everyone one is aware, anything with stickers usually would either
1. leave sticky residue or
2. leave no residue at all.

Today I had the sticky-residue I took out my peanut butter

and spread the peanut butter all over the sticky residue.
Peanut butter gets rid of sticky residue?

Yes. Yes it does!
I actually came across this technique by accident, and I tested it out myself.
It works. The only problem is, I had to wait and let the peanut butter work its magic.
While I waited, I took some colorful strips I had stored away

and made stars....

when 15-30 minute passed...
(I believe you can wait less then that..5-10 min. max?)
I rubbed the peanut butter around the bottle with a paper towel before I washed it.
When I felt that the sticky residue was no longer on the surface of the bottle.
I washed it

This is how clear/clean it came out. No more sticky residue!

I took all the stars I folded...

and filled it up!

A bottle of pretty colorful stars.
Now to find someone to give it to. ^_^

This is video is irrelevant but I really love the chemistry between these two. ^_^

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