Saturday, March 10, 2012

So for a while I've been looking around for some boots. One's I describe as rough, edgy, yet still feminine. I went on yesstyle and found these boots and LOVED them. I wanted to wait and watch these boots until they were on sale.

$82.00 (hugging ankle boot)......................$95.00 (folded flap boot)

Luckily for me...I didn't have to wait. I showed a girl-friend of mine these two shoes I wanted, and she responded... "OMG, I know the perfect shoes for you." ... I was skeptical of what she was going to give to me, not that I had any reason to be skeptical. I waited and she gave me a link from bakers, and sure enough. I loved them at first glance. She told me they were on sale, and the moment she said that, I was sure those shoes were going to run out of my size soon. The next day, I went and sure enough, I got the last pair of my size. I wanted to get brown but they ran out. When I had checked-out these shoes online, it didn't strike me that these boots were versatile. I learned that when I was trying the shoes on at bakers. It just blew my mind and I bought them right away.

Here they are on me in two different ways...

Look at how similar they are to the one's I was eyeing on yesstyle

I'm so glad I bought these from bakers, saved me a lot of money (69.99 sale + tax = 75.76 total) and time.

& I'm so happy with them

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