Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thrifty Finds #2

So I went shopping again at Saint Vincent De Paul; this time on a 30% discount day, and bought 2 items.

I spotted this sweater...

doesn't look very appealing up-front

but the details...

were appealing enough for me to get it for my brother.

and the price, can't forget the price either, especially on a 30% discount day...

and my second purchased item

was this lace dress

with ruffle collar

and uhhh...ummm... well actually, I don't know what to call this...

a waist line?

so pretty

and girly

I defined the waist of the dress with the belt I bought from last thrifting...

Originally $9.99

But it ranged up to...

$12.86 as the total of 2 items^_^

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