Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gawd your skinny!

Growing up, I've always been told I was skinny. I never thought such comments were bad/negative. I also never knew exactly how skinny I was visibly/visually. I was happy. That's all that matters right? I might be underweight but I'm pretty happy & healthy. But after seeing photos of myself, taken by a friend, from the side, I finally see how skinny I was. And I have to say... Damn... It's not pretty. *note: photo taken 2010* After seeing these photos, I did try to gain some weight. I tried to gain it in a healthy manner and whenever my cravings kicked in, I welcomed it. But I have to say, my efforts were brutal. In the photo, I was 19. I took these flax seed oil for the longest time, with every meal I took. But it didn't really get me any where.

I am not bulimic and I am not anorexic.

It has been a year now since those pictures were taken.

Another friend of mine has taken a couple of pictures of me recently (8/2011). I have to say, I look better. I have gained 5 lbs.

Even my beloved mother told me I've gain some weight. She mentioned back then my collar bone stuck out. I have always thought my collar bone was out, but she claims it's not as visible as it was back then. So yeah, I can't tell, but I guess. I am now standing at 90 lbs in my early 20.

I gave up the idea of gaining weight. I eat whenever I'm hungry, and I take my vitamin supplements whenever I remember, and trust me, that's often. No change really.


I wanted to add another entry

and I know it's off topic


I have a pretty awesome scar when I was younger....

The story?

I lived in Indonesia in a poor small hut fifteen years ago. My mom gave me a bag of chips to eat and the only source of light around was a lit candle. My mom stepped out for a moment to wash the clothes, leaving me inside the hut with the lit candle. After finishing off my chips, I held the empty bag. I saw the lit candle and walked toward it. I placed the bag over the candle and the bag burned. I dropped the bag and it landed right on my leg. I cried and my mom came rushing in. She freaked out when she found out what I did to myself,. Was I taken to the hospital? I actually don't know the answer to that question. I need to ask her that.

Well, that's the story. The End.

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