Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Re-blog: Oral (under-bite jaw) Surgery

Surgery 1 (July 27, 2009)

On the way to Children's Hospital for my, under-bite-jaw, surgery.

What time was my surgery? I think it was 7? I left the house by 6? I can't quite recall. It has been a year or two now. . ^_^

Got there & had to undress...

Then I was given this purple/pink liquid to put me to sleep...

My sister took pictures non-stop...So I had to hide...

In seconds...I was gone...

My mom and sister had to wait alittle over 4 hrs for me...

so I'm told...

After the surgery was over...

I was monitored for a while until it was safe to put me in a room...

Got a free toy! Chea! ^_^

Hrs later, I was put in my own room. ^_^

So in the end.

The surgeon said everything turned out well.

I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and 3 nights, then went home.

In a couple of days, I notice there was something strangely off...

A week later I went to get my x-ray done.

We had a problem.

My right jaw was perfectly positioned but...

My left jaw popped out of place.

So I had to go in for a 2nd surgery.

Surgery 2 (Sept. 2009)

Excuse me for the lack of quality in the photo since I did take this from my cell phone.

The idea was to push the jaw back into place but it had been so long and afraid the jaw may have already healed in that position, the surgeon decided it would be best to screw in my left jaw.

The results?...

I walked around with a lopsided face for a while...


I'm just going to sum up what I had dealt with, in a year...
I suffered for two months on strict liquid diet.
That caused me some serious hair loss & weight (lost 10 lbs.)
My face was breaking out all over the place.
Going & coming home from school was awful.
I went straight to bed after I came home from school.
I was so drained by 3:00pm, suffered for another hr until school was out. (4:00pm)
Senior year wasn't exactly the best for me.
After the swelling came down...
I literally had a battle with myself.
My face turned out asymmetrical.
My right side was flat, but my left was round.
I spent a lot of time venting & blaming the surgeon, thinking this was his fault.
So I decided to visit a different surgeon to see his view on this.
He told me the problem was my own.
I have an asymmetrical face.
It took me awhile to accept it.
It was actually really, really, REALLY hard for me to accept it.
I was disturbed by the issue for the longest time.
I felt slightly depressed, numb.
The whole depression attitude scared me. I was not being myself and I knew it.

I had a couple of people telling me that they didn't notice the problem at all until I mentioned it. A friend even said, "Majority of the time, when people see you or talk to you. They don't look at your face, they look at your eyes or nose. They never look at any other part of your face. So don't worry about it."

That was a source of booster for me. I chose to adjust, and I did.

I'm still very consciously aware of my asymmetrical face, but I've learned to cope with it.

I try to sleep and eat more often on my left side now. ^_^ In hope that it would somehow fix this asymmetry.

But yeah, what can I do...

Now on to the more interesting & fascinating part...

the BEFORE & AFTER photos...






Amazing...isn't it?


I'm just a happy duckling free of braces! Whoo!

Last Updated: Feb. 5, 2011

More before and after pictures. ^_^

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I used to have an under-bite. Now, I have an overbite.
I have never realized how big my teeth were but I sure do love them that way!
Aside from the asymmetry, I'm pretty satisfied with how the surgery turned out. ^_^

Really appreciated this strangers comment.
Decided to re-blog this.
Maybe it'll be helpful to someone out there.

Taken: 11/6/13
Last Update: 11/8/13


  1. Hey there i got an underbite too and cant wait for my surgery.I hope it turns out well.And hey girl you look amazing now.Be proud of yourself and dont worry about the assymetry because i dont think your face is assymetrical at all.Its just perfect and you look gorgeous.It really makes me happy when i see people happy after their jaw surgeries.How old were you back then when you got this surgery done?Did you have to get some test done to check wether you're done growing or not? because i'm 19 (girl) and my ortho thinks i am not done growing yet so i think i should go and get a second opinion because i sooo want to get this surgery done.xx

    1. Hello, I was 19 years old when I had them done. If your ortho says that, I'd go with what they say, & getting second opinion from a different doctor will never hurt, especially since the procedure is permanent and you would want a smooth surgery without complication. Every 6 months I had a check up with my surgeon for past 4 years, they measured my jaw, x-rayed, and had couple of mug shots too. If I could give you any advice, that is to ask your oral doctor if you have an asymmetrical jaw, since that was the biggest hurdle I had to face during this entire process. And as soon as you regain your consciousness from the surgery I suggest you ask your parents/family to make an appointment right away to see your surgeon (no later then 3 days from your surgery), an x-ray should be in place to double check the position of your jaw if your surgeon decide not to use screws to attach your jaw. And I'm saying this b/c if it too late to push in the jaw, one side of your jaw will be screwed in and everytime you open your mouth, you will notice it opens sideways instead of your normal up and down. Other then that, I hope this was helpful and wish you success on your future surgery. Be patient, stay strong, and eat lots! Oh and smile even more! ^_^ <3